Serious Illness & Injury Support

Free Grief Support Group for Families

Whether someone has cancer, ALS, dementia, or any other serious illness or injury, it takes a major toll on the entire family. Grief’s Journey offers a free grief support group designed specifically for families who are facing a serious illness or injury. Join us for an opportunity to share your grief, build healthy coping skills, and meet others who “get it”.




Who: Anyone experiencing grief related to a life-changing illness or injury. Youth ages 3-18 must come accompanied by an adult caregiver.

When: 2nd Saturday of every month

Time: Lunch provided 11:30am-12pm, groups 12pm-1:30pm


This is an open group that you may join at any time, and we encourage you to attend as many sessions as you can. Just be sure to register in advance so we know you’re coming!

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