Meet the 2018 Competitors

Tailgate Cuisine Contenders

B’s Bones and Sauce

B’s Bones & Sauce is a family owned catering business.  Started for one reason, a passion and love for making great barbecue and meals that comfort many and being people together!  Food made with love has always been a staple in our Sunday family dinners and is a tradition that was passed down to us by our grandparents and parents and we carry on with our kids and grand kids today, every week!

We are blessed with a big family and realize that we have God and many people to thank for walking along side us along our journey, to pick us up when we needed, lift us up, walk with us and before us, to support and help us along the way.  We partner with several non profits, fundraisers, and special events, each year to do the same for others!  Giving back to our community who has given so much to us- is something that we will always do and take great pride in it. – Robert Brown and family, B’s Bones and Sauce


Farnam House Brewing Company

Farnam House Brewing Company, an independent craft brewpub located in the Blackstone District of midtown Omaha, diverges from the norm with a diverse range of beer styles from artisanal farmhouse ales and traditional European lagers to American sours and wild beers. Old world beer styles and creative experimentation help define the eclectic beer lineup. Our food menu features made-from-scratch dishes using locally-sourced ingredients and a variety of beer-infused creations.

Carlos and Austin are talented young chefs who are passionate about fresh local food and high-quality house-made ingredients. Carlos attends Metro’s Culinary Arts Program and draws influence from his colorful upbringing in Mexico, Jamaica, Peru, Alaska, and Nebraska as well as his mother’s mastery of pastry. He delights in bringing world cuisines and interesting ingredients to the tables of Farnam House in his creative specials.

Austin embodies old-world tradition in both recipe and technique. His passion for cooking comes from bringing comfort and joy to the people he serves. By learning the history of his craft, he seeks to understand the reasons we eat the things we do.



Hy-Vee (180 & Pacific)

The Hickory House department at 180th and Pacific Hy-Vee has a great variety of smoked meat treats.  We have the traditional pulled pork, pork ribs, chicken and turkey.  But, that is only the beginning.  We are aware that every dollar earned should be spent responsibly.  That is where our pork burnt ends come into play.  Beef burnt ends are delicious but expensive.  We hand trim pork butts and rub them with our Signature rub.  They are then put on the smoker for 5-6 hours before we cube them and toss them in our BBQ sauce.  These little morsels are cost effective, tender and delicious.

We all have had deviled eggs; But what about Smoked Deviled Eggs?  We cold smoke the egg yolk to add just enough smoke flavor that pairs well with the Dijon mustard, bacon and hot sauce.

Our Hickory House also has a Rub that is blended locally and sold for retail.  Much Luv Meat Rub is used on our Signature smoked Smart Chicken Wings.  We use only Smart Chicken brand chicken wings and coat them in our Much Luv Meat Rub.  Smoke them for 3-4 hours and they are magnificent.

Stop by your Pacific Street Hy-Vee for any of these smoked meat treats! – Chef Justin Wacker


Omaha Tap House

“Omaha Tap House serves up good burgers and good beer. Just like they say they will.” Check out the 2017 Omaha World-Herald story about the Omaha Tap House for details about this competitor!



Take’Em Catering

Cooking has never been a job for us, it is a passion. We are committed to delivering great food and service to each and every customer. We believe in creativity and innovation in the culinary process and believe that if you can dream it, we can make it.

Since 2014, we have been providing a top quality local catering service. Our diverse menu has served everything from weddings to graduations. We are proud to provide locally sourced food that is held to the highest quality standard. When it comes to food and service, we do not compromise. – Phillip Sweeney, Owner


Beer Battle Contenders


Infusion Brewing Company

Infusion Brewing Co opened its doors in the Benson neighborhood of Omaha in October 2013. Since then the brewery has produced more than 70 creative beer styles that have been featured in our Tap Room and the state of Nebraska. Our original brewery is located in the historic home of the former Olson’s Meat Market. Olson’s operated in Omaha for more than 60 years and the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Due to increasing demand our new production brewery opened in May 2016 in Southwest Omaha, enabling us to bottle our popular line up of beers as well as increase supplies of our draft beers throughout our state. In 2017 our  breweries combined to brew over 6000 barrels of beer. Our beers are available in the state of Nebraska. Our beers include Vanilla Bean Blonde, Radial IPA and Dominican Brown Ale, Metz Jubilee Lager as well as a full lineup of seasonal offerings.



Pint 9 Brewing Company

At Pint Nine, we are committed to tradition and innovation. We stand on the tradition of brewers before us to create aroma driven American ales and complex Belgian beers. We appreciate fine German lagers and English session ales, but we also crave the innovation of one-off batches and barrel aging. Our beers are highly fermentable and highly digestible, while being scientifically sound and artfully executed. We hope you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy brewing them.  Cheers!


Zipline Brewing Company

Zipline Brewing Co. crafts artisan ales and lagers with high quality precision in Lincoln, Nebraska. Zipline was born from the founders’ innate sense of adventure and their desire to connect with the thrill-seeking spirit in all craft beer fans. Our approach is clean, simple, and direct to help you focus your energy on enjoying Brave New Brews.

Check out this 2016 Omaha World-Herald story with more details about the brewery.