Wish List

Items Needed

Thanks to our VERY generous community, we have enough teddy bears to hand out to program participants for about three years!  Due to storage space, we’re unable to accept any additional bears at this time.


Craft Supplies and Paper Products for Grief Support Groups and Camps

  • Full face craft masks

Miscellaneous Office/Facility Supplies

  • 9×6 manila envelopes
  • Large mailing labels, various sizes
  • Toaster
  • Small locking file cabinet

Food & Beverages

(Please call us regarding specific dates and times we need food items.)

  • Entree preparation/provision Saturday Serious Illness/Injury Support group (apx 20 people)

Specialty Items for Clients with Special Needs

  • Noise cancelling headphones – for sensory overload
  • Timers – help with time management, gives visual cues, and is especially helpful for reward charts/ visual performance charts
  • Reward charts/ visual performance charts
  • White noise machine – to soothe/relax
  • Earplugs – another noise canceling adaptation
  • Writing aids – for individuals with physical disabilities who might have limitations with writing


For more detailed information, call 402-502-2773.