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Your support for Grief’s Journey:

  • Positions your business as an employer who cares.
  • Dovetails nicely with your company’s wellness initiatives.
  • Provides additional training and-or resources for your company’s HR professionals and employee benefits packages.
  • Increases your visibility among other major employers and their employees.
  • Sustains programs that make a difference to your team, your loved ones, your schools, your neighbors, and your community.
  • And, it’s good for your bottom line!

Did you know?

  • 1 in 4 employees is grieving at any time.
  • 30 work days are lost per year by each employee coping without support from co-workers or managers.
  • 20% will continue losing work days for more than one year.
  • $125,000 is the average annual cost, in lost productivity, to an organization of 400 employees.
  • Source: The Grief Recovery Institute

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Corporate Partners and Event Sponsors

  • $15,000 Diamond Partner
  • $10,000 Platinum Partner

Corporate Community Partnership

Provide 12 months of support for free, quality grief programs, and receive recognition and benefits at all of our events!

Event Sponsorship

Sponsor or purchase tables or tickets for these events:

    • Annual Remembrance Walk
    • Comfort Food Classic
    • Grief Awareness Conference

Support Kits

Provide support kits for grieving individuals/families and the workplace.

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